Custom made swimwear

This is the right place if you want to receive a custom swimwear and underwear of quality, made with precise seams, with fabric of high durability.

Build your best swimsuit with our maker men swimwear

You can build your own custom swimwear or underwear choosing:

form: choose front and back style
style: string, thong, slip, Y-string, V-string, boy short
fabric: lycra, polyester, tulle, lace, cotton, hololycra, metal, liquid
color: many color, bicolor or mix: 2400 color combinations!
dimensions: micro, mini, full
size: I can sew perfect item only if I know your measurements.

Custom bikini bespoke upon your order

You can not find the best swimsuit of your size? Like a thong but you would it like another color? Do you want a sheer bottom and top made of another fabric? Love you micro and mini styles but can not find them? Build your own custom bikini!

If you only need a top or bottom, you can order separates manufactured:

Top bikini separates


Bottom bikini separates


Choose your favorite style, fabric and color. KriszSartoria turns your dreams into reality. Stop to size problems! All items are made on measure.